Live as a Last: Mark 10:17-31 (10-8-17)

Mark 10:17-31

Jesus is heading to the cross

A man approaches: a rich, young ruler

But he is off course

Pointed the man to the Law of Moses

The Law is a mirror

Jesus loved him

Jesus diagnosed and prescribed

Jesus is the great doctor

The man walks away from Jesus

Matthew 6:24- You cannot serve both God and money

Jesus is reversing the order

Image- “a camel through the eye of a needle”

Salvation through man is impossible

But Good News: all things are possible for God

When you follow Christ, you gain 3 things

  1. Family
  2. Persecutions
  3. Eternal Life

This is our encouragement and our final point: Live as a Last

What would our world look like if we all sought to be servants rather than masters?

This week, seek to be a “last”