Heaven scent – Matthew 2:1-11


(Sniff, Sniff) What’s that smell?

We use scent to create an atmosphere:

Incense is mentioned extensively in Scripture.

Matthew 2:1-11 shares the story of Jesus’ birth, Herod’s reign, & the arrival of the wise men


Twice this passage says, “Behold” – something to see, an amazing fact.

First, they were Gentiles. (Nm. 24:17, IS. 60:1-3, 11, DN. 7-12)

Second, they were geniuses!


You may get what you know the person wants.

You may get what you think the person is worthy of – or what you know is worthy of the person.

Worth the trip

Worth the time

Worth the treasure – They had a high dollar value.

Hebrews 4:14- They saw

4:15 – They sensed.

4:16 – They sacrificed.

Worth everything – Mt 13:44-46

This is rare.

This shows recognition

This brings restoration

Christ considered you worth it in giving his gift.