True Light (Philippians 2:12-18) 12-30-18

Series: Philippians – True Joy
Light. It’s something we all use. It’s something we all need.
The Bible talks about us being lights.
How are we doing at being that light? How can we do better?
1. Embrace Your ____________ (Phil. 2:12, 14-15)
a. The purpose we’re working towards is ____________
b. We are called to be like Christ, but we must also be
2. Embrace His __________ (Phil. 2:13)
a. God must work in us before He can work through us
b. The power that God uses to work inside of us comes
from the ________ __________ within us
c. God uses 3 “tools” by the Holy Spirit to work in our
1) The Word of God (1 Thess. 2:13)
2) Prayer (Romans 8:26)
3) ______________ (Acts 16:22-34)
3. Embrace The ____________ (Phil. 2:16-18)
a. The promise: joy comes from ________________
b. 2 joys comes from the submissive mind:
1) Joy later in the Day of Christ (Phil. 2:16)
2) Joy in the here and now (Phil. 2:17-18)
So what can you do to better shine your ________________?